Cartridge heaters

For heating hot runner tools and industrial machines.

Application area: chemical industry, packaging industry, plastic industry, printing industry and so on.

Diameter: 6-30 mm.

Place of terminal: one side, two side or ell unions

Type of terminal:

Material and form:

Metal sheath: from copper or stainless material

Ceramic mantle

Types:place-in, screw-in

When planning the cartridge heater, the most important is to spread output among the number of heaters in order to reduce the surface output distribution on each heater (W/cm2). It is advisable to fill in the heater and the place of the heater with a special filling gel before installing, this provides better thermal dissipation and a longer life span for the heater, and furthermore, you can save energy with it.

If the application area of the heater is mobile, then the cartridge heater must be installed so that the middle of the terminal cable should move and not the area next to the heater. This may prevent mechanical damage or tearing. It is also advisable to install the terminal cable by making some spirals on it. If the terminal cable would be extremely overused, please consult us in connection with strengthening the terminal and the method of installing. In such cases we often use an intermediary box which makes it possible for us to replace the cartridges and the terminal of the cartridges faster and safer.

If the cartridge heater is in a medium where the working temperature is constantly above 250° C, the following should be done. Terminal flexible cable with nickel inner conductor should be insulated with fiberglass or ceramic beads. And the unheated part of the heater must be increased so that the terminal cable is the furthest possible from the heated area. Avoid using different adhesives like adhesive tape or silicone sealant at the body of the cartridge heater because it can cause short-circuit. If sealant is necessary, use only heat resistant silicone sealant with a working temperature above 250 ° C.

Above higher temperatures, insulation around the cartridges is advised. Insulation has the following advantages: The electricity consumption is reduced by 40 %, the output value of the cartridge is lower so the time of use increases and it reaches the expected temperature earlier. The heat sensors must be installed 10 mm from the cartridges and in the middle of them. This information is very important especially if we are talking about high output cartridge heaters. A microprocessor heat sensor is advised so that it increases the life span of the heater. We might encounter an obstacle when replacing the cartridges. Namely, the cartridges can seize up if used on a constant high temperature, that is, the sealant silicone gel can oxidize. In such cases, use a hammer and a metal equipment to hit it out from its place. If this does not work, then drill a 0.2-0.3 mm smaller hole on the seized up cartridge but be careful not to hurt the receiving element.

Heaters produced by CARBO Ltd. will work on the highest output with the longest life span as long as they are used according to the producer’s prescriptions. If any questions should arise, please contact the producer.

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