Screw-in heaters for heating liquids

Thanks to the compact structural building, (W/cm2) the screw-in heater is an ideal solution for heating liquids. In order to gain the best thermal dissipation between the liquid and the heater, you must avoid the contact of the heater and the side of the tank. The screw-in heater must be 20 mm down into the liquid. You must avoid frequent switching on and off. Microprocessor controlling is advisable. Before installing, you must remove any contamination (like sand stain or other) in the tank because these can damage the cape of the tank. A waterproof cap is advisable to be used if the room is wet and damp or liquid overflow is possible. (IP cap) In the table below you can read the surface power load of different liquids (W / cm2 ) and the advised working temperatures. Smaller differences may be accepted, however, this may affect the life span of the heater.

Available materials
Type of liquid Max ° C Max W/ cm2
water 100 30
asphalt , tar and 95 1,5
high viscosity 150 1,2
liquid 200 1
250 0,8
kerosene-jet fuel 150 3,5
freon 150 0,5
ethylene glycol 150 4,5
molasses 40 0,7
liquid metal 260-500 4
heating oils 90 1,5
special oils 400 3,5
motor oils SAE 30 120 3
organic oils 200 4,5
salty bath 500 4,5
acid solution 70 6
alkali solution 100 6
degreasing liquid 130 3,5

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